How To Order

We know, sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the different new and exciting items out there. We're trying to develop tools that help you shop, however and whenever you prefer. Here's a simple guide.

Looking to subscribe to monthly comics and pick them up at our stores? Click the Subscriptions link and register for our Manage Comics service.

Do you want to get the latest open order variant cover comics that might sell out quickly? Check our Preorders>Final Order page to order those right before our orders are due so you have the current info. FOC pages are updated every Monday for DC Comics (orders due 5pm Fri) and Friday for other publishers (due 5pm Mon) 

Like to get graphic novels or toys & novelties  that maybe aren't carried in every store, or just make sure you don't miss them? Every month in Preorders>Previews you can preorder items that are coming in future months. Previews catalogs are posted the week the print copy ships, and are due the 20th of the month. If you miss a deadline, please contact your local store who can check for item availability and take payment.

What happens when a series is over, or we have more copies than are necessary to keep in a store? That's when you check In Stock Orders to see what we might have available for direct order from our warehouse.

Of course, the ultimate guide is our great staff in our 3 stores. Let them know what you're looking for. We're always willing to help.

Keep collecting, stay safe, and have fun!