Subscription Instructions & FAQ

by Comic City

We've recently upgraded our Subscription service through Manage Comics. Manage Comics is a service we buy to make it possible for you to handle your own subscriptions at your convenience. Then we use it at FOC time, to make sure we order enough of what everyone wants. This page is a work in progress, as we learn more about the system and get questions from customers. Don't be shy, if something doesn't seem right, let us know at

I can't get logged in!
We've had a few people who've had issues logging in to the subscription system. Here's a link to a video that can help.
Also, be sure you're going in from at . Any old links or book marks you may have are most likely to the old system and will just dead end.

If all else fails, send me a note at and we can send a link to you for account activation. It will go to the email in the system, so if you think that may have changed since your first account creation, be sure to send your current one.

What is FOC and when does it close?
On the item page there's a note that says Final Order Cutoff. That's the date we have to have orders in to the publishers. Comics are printed very close to actual orders, so this may be the last chance to guarantee you get an item. We start compiling our orders the day before FOC (it takes a while). We place the orders at 5PM the day of FOC. Orders we receive after 5PM we will place, but to be sure your order is in in time, try to get it to us the day before FOC.