PLANET COMICS #17 (C: 0-0-1)

Antarctic Press SKU: DEC221117

PLANET COMICS #17 (C: 0-0-1)

Antarctic Press SKU: DEC221117
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  "Scorched Mars" (Scott O. Brown, Horatio Lalia), "Bug Eye: Pretty" (Rich Stahnke).

  "Scorched Mars" (Scott O. Brown, Horatio Lalia): Indentured on Mars, archaeologist Roland Allegro leverages an ancient cache of alien data to escape the Red Planet. Instead of finding a way home, he finds himself marked for death, hunted by the Martian government. Taking refuge with a nomadic clan of "Dusters," Roland must convince them to help, or die in the sands of Mars.  "Bug Eye: Pretty" (Rich Stahnke): On a planet ravaged by natural disaster, a diminutive alien scavenging for valuables encounters a real beauty--a shapely female Alliance Science Officer.  Will he be able to obtain the treasure that has caught his eye?

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